Back from a Back-to-Back

What do you get when this blogger leaves on back-to-back trips? Neglect.

I’m back now, my few but much appreciated readers. And I’m ready to provide the briefest report to you now, followed by a couple of lengthy, photo-ridden laterposts. At the moment, I’m still trying to dig myself out of those post-vacation blues. Some people are thrilled to sleep in their own beds after time away, and don’t get me wrong, I do love my bed, my room, my apartment, my San Diego. But damn it all if I’m not homesick for those places I went.

Place Number 1: Waco, Texas. I suppose I may be biased here, but Waco surprised the hell out of me (in a good way). I went for a week to visit my parents for the first time after their move in the beginning of July. Prior to the visit, I found myself constantly probing the California-based Texans I knew and met for information on this foreign place, and this information gathering elicited in me a sort of weary trepidation over what level of hell I might be entering. Fortunately for me, they were all very wrong. Waco was big, beautiful, charming, and worth the trek. Even better, the quality time I was able to spend with my parents and my Barkles could not have been better.

36 hours later…

Place Number 2: Troncones, Guerrero, Mexico. Waco was good. Really good. Troncones was magic. Honestly, there were a bizarre number of mishaps on the trip, but I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Despite some border confusion, minimalistic accommodations, miserable heat, a day of nonstop storming, rental car/taxi issues, Dave catching sickness, and a full-fledged mosquito attack, this trip was incredible. The water was warm. The surf was the best of either of our lives. Troncones and surrounding towns were beautiful. The people were kind and interesting. Neither of us were ready to leave.


Life Tip #21: Reserve a mental health day for post-vacation recovery. You don’t want to go back to work in a sleepless haze of vacation hangover.

The rude awakening back to reality was only made better by the smell of cinnamon brooms at the supermarket and the start of football season. I love my summer, but this time of year is an extremely close second.


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