The Fall Back Heatwave Funk

I love this time of year. I love sweaters, boots, fall colors in clothing and nature, fall TV shows, football, World Series baseball, hockey, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sugary holiday lattes, pie, moderate family time, cozy nights with a movie, a fire, a blanket, and a boy named Dave.

Here’s the thing. It was a sunny 90 degrees in San Diego today, and it hasn’t exactly deviated far from that since summer. I’m currently eating a Popsicle in front of a big fan in my air conditioning deprived apartment. I spent this past weekend in a summery Newport Beach. Rough life, I know.

Right now, I don’t have much use for sweaters, lattes, blankets, or fireplaces. With the time change, it often feels like the entire day is over by the time I’m home from work. Enter The Fall Back Heatwave Funk.

But I say, Not this year, friends. Not this year.

I will not enter Funkytown.

Over a Moscow Mule and an election at a local bar with my cousin last night, we vowed to each other to dedicate more time to exploring the many flavors of San Diego mid-week. Over a glass of Powder Keg cabernet and episode of The Mindy Project with myself tonight, I vowed to myself that I would dedicate more time to pursuing and enjoying both my creative and my curious sides.

Life Tip #39: Get to know your hometown intimately. Don’t take it for granted.

Life Tip #40: Nurture your interests and passions. Don’t take them for granted.

I’m not going to let the darkness of the night lull me into hibernation this season. I’m going to turn the darkness into a time of exploration of both the San Diegan and personal varieties.

I’ve taken a mini break away from writing travel sagas, and I assure you, those aren’t over. I have many adventures past and future to tell. Stay tuned.



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