I am an advocate of The Great One’s adage, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I hate missing out on new experiences. I don’t like when people victimize themselves over situations/reactions within their control. I take issue with people who say they can’t do something, when (barring living without oxygen) virtually anything is obtainable with enough patience, creativity, commitment, and courage. I never want to be a bearer of regret. Either do it, or don’t. Stop rationalizing. Just Nike that shit, or forget about it.

But damned if I’m not that person I can’t stand every once in a while.

Sometimes I hesitate. I do! Sometimes, I make every excuse up in the world not to do something before pulling the trigger and doing it. Fortunately, more often than not, given time, I take the shot. I get all whimsied. And, you heard it here first, it’s going to be a Chilean April.

Life Tip #54: Be spontaneous. 

I have a contemplative, borderline (I may be understating here) defensive knee-jerk to the unexpected. I need a small amount of time before making my mind up about something. At the end of the day, if I make my mind up, it’s made up, but I still think I’m going to try my hand at the more impulsive approach for a while.

Life Tip #55: Take inventory of your quirks. Embrace some, change others. Your life is in no person’s hands but your own. 

At the end of my day, some of my favorite things and memories were made on the basis of whims… An anonymous chihuahua puppy turned Barkles in a customer’s duffle bag when I worked at Starbucks. A surf trip on the Pacific Coast of Mexico taking a quick shift to the Gulf side. Chopping off a lifetime’s worth of heavy hair. Trying my hand at teaching while pursuing my Masters degree. Yosemite.


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