It’s only taken eight(ish) years, but I’m finally doing it. I’m pulling that commitment-laden trigger and starting a blog. There will be ramblings, like this slightly awkward, albeit obligatory introductory post. There will be books, travel, coffee, and wine because I like those things, and what else might one choose to write about than personal interests? Full disclosure, coffee and wine will more than likely be silent partners in the development of this blog rather than actual topics of discussion. There will also be products of my curiosity.

Since we’re going to be friends, I suppose I should tell you a little about me…

I’m at that sweet spot in life—those illustrious late 20s, where I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m still having a hell of a lot of fun figuring it out. I like to write. I like to read. I like to travel. I love my 10 years young Chihuahua, Barkles. Life Tip (from a completely subjective and unprofessional perspective) #1: If an opportunity to pet a dog presents itself, pet the dog.

I have an undeniable Master of None complex, where I attempt/study/practice/keep up with a great many hobbies and interests but never quite become to expert. I’m still working on the method of continuing a certain level of investment before the task begins to feel like a chore. Life Tip (see above for qualifications) #2: If something you enjoy begins to feel like an unwelcome chore, either seek out a new perspective, or set it down and revisit later. Don’t give up on it. In just the past year, I’ve dabbled in/revisited: yoga, surf, paint, piano, acoustic guitar, well-written yet long-winded novels (I’m looking at you, Diana Galbadon), books of my own authorship, Rosetta Stone for Latin American Spanish, and Chardonnay.

Sometimes I can be longwinded. I’ll try to hold off on that for later, so I’ll close with this. I love writing. I want to write. I will write. It’s out in the universe. One of these damn days, I’ll have authored a book on at least one reader’s (ideally more) Nook/Kindle shelf. Until then, I’ll just be the author of leelovelife.


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