Battles of the Brunches

Finding a good, uncrowded brunch spot in San Diego is an exercise in patience, intelligence, and luck. I have spent several Sunday mornings jumping from Snooze, to Great Maple, to Parkhouse Eatery, to Hash House a Go Go in search of a reasonable wait time, and I’ve failed miserably—two hours, Great Maple? Really? I made the decision to never grace these restaurants with even a passing glance ever again. Sure, some of their offerings are delicious, but I imagine that if one grows hungry enough over the duration of said two-hour wait, even a day-old McDonald’s hashbrown would taste like a gourmet treat. The strangest part of it all is that many of these places don’t even have decent drink specials. Where are my bottomless mimosas?

I understand that my city is a tourist destination and a half, and it’s home to north of one million residents. It’s bound to get crowded. The trick is to give up on the trendy. A wait-free, bottomless mimosa’ed gem is waiting just around the corner. Life Tip #3: Do your research. Get away from your routine destinations (be they for the sake of food, travel, or amusement).

Enter Au Revoir. My gal pal, pup, and I came upon this hidden gem in Hillcrest yesterday morning. We needed a patio, bottomless mimosas, and good food. We were also famished. I’d never heard of it, neither had my SO, our friends, or anyone else in SD, for that matter. We walked right in, sat right down, and had coffee and champagne in our glasses within three minutes of arrival. Hello, first class service! The coffee was on point, no cream/sugar necessary. The mimosas came with separate carafes of sparkling wine and OJ—the two never reached the point of empty before being replaced with fresh refills. And the food! The inexpensive, decadent steak, brie, capers, mushrooms and avocado in a scramble! The benedicts! Oh my! This little slice of heaven was a much-needed reminder that there is so much in this world left to see, and that’s exciting. I haven’t even touched all that is wonderful in my own neighborhood, let alone the world.



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