June has been a month of great change for me and those closest to me. I’m not certain that I’ve learned a lot from it, but what I have learned is this: We get to live a lot of lives in the one life we’re given, and that’s pretty cool. Life Tip #5: Change can be scary but extraordinary. Embrace that shit. 

In a nutshell, after 13 years of addiction and misery, a immediate family member went sober; after 3 career changes and the better part of a year being miserable in sales at an amazing company, I changed careers but got to keep the company; and after more than 3 decades of living down the street from all of their family and friends, yet all the while, not fulfilling their professional dreams in Orange County, my parents are packing up and moving to Waco, Texas in T-minus 2 mornings. What a June!
Bittersweet goodbyes aside, I admire the courage/balls it took my parents to decide to make that move and cannot wait to witness from afar what’s to come. And, bonus! It’s a new travel opportunity for me. Granted, Waco isn’t exactly a destination town, but with my mom teaching at a high school, I’m hoping to get a glimpse into Friday Night Lights. There will definitely be barbecue, and there will be live music–even if I have to drive to Austin to see it. I really do enjoy the South, and I really will miss hanging with my parents. Life Tip #6: Appreciate your parents (or those who stepped up when they didn’t/couldn’t). It takes a lot of work to raise someone so awesome. 
I’m sure I’m not the first person to liken life to books, but this is just one of the infinite reasons that I love books. Our lives are epic series of books with seemingly infinite chapters, whether those include big moves, career changes, transitions from being the antagonist to the protagonist… Our stories can realize unexpected plot twists, but they wind up cohesive in the end. Sometimes, character development is slow, and sometimes, it takes a lot of chapters rooted in conflict before the point of it all can emerge. If you’re lucky, your series ends with finality, no stones left unturned and (hopefully) no looking back, wishing for what might have been. I guess to reach that point of finality, you have to embrace the changes and take the risks that drive your story.
So, here I am, and there they are. Here’s to hoping that the next books in our series are filled with only good things. Here’s to hoping that somehow, some way, I will be able to bring Barkles back home to me.

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