Ocean Air

I don’t quite know how to explain what last week was like for me. When the weekend rolled around, I needed something good. What I got was a reminder that I love where I live.

After breakfast at Cardamom, my favorite breakfast spot in San Diego, I ventured over to Mission Valley for some Christmas shopping. While I typically enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday masses, I wasn’t feeling it.

I knew what I needed to do. I needed some ocean air.

I popped by my place to grab a board, wet suit, and the camera (just in case). I’m glad I did. What I found was a virtually empty Del Mar and completely empty ocean. I am by no means a pro surfer, so when I see empty ocean, I consider the potential damage I can do to myself when no one’s around to see me perish.

Life Tip #45: Safety first (sometimes). 

I sat for a while, pet two dogs, and then decided to do something productive. Here was the result…

I love living here. I love that ocean air. I love dipping my toes into sand. I love how easy it is to get to the beach. I love that I got a solid photo sesh in Del Mar yesterday, and I love that I got to surf (really just paddle around/realize the extent of my out-of-shapededness) Torrey Pines today in 70+ degree December heat. I love that I was able to find what might be my favorite California burrito so far in all of San Diego (Lolita’s on Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Dayumn.).



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