The List

I have not posted in quite some time. I can blame the madness of the holiday season, and I think I will. Dave and I went to Yosemite the week before Christmas (a tale to look forward to reading this week!). I ate a lot and slept very little. I spent some serious quality time with Barkles, and as always, it wasn’t enough. I’ve been a juror on a trial (end date TBD). Dave left me for a Brazilian expedition with his Brazilian roommate, and while he had an incredible time, we decided that big trips were better together. Since his return back to the great US of A, we’ve been contemplating our next great adventure.

Life Tip #46: Appreciate your favorite travel partner. The great ones are rare. They should be valued as precious. 

I am a firm advocate of the tenet that if you write it down, it will happen. Prior to every trip we take, Dave and I share a Google Doc for the planning process. It doesn’t matter if we have 24 hours or two months to plan, we make that Google Doc; we get excited; we never forget to pack anything; and we have an incredible time.

In our time together, we’ve seen and done a great many things (brag-worthy, really), but we’ve also talked about eventualities. “I want to go here.” “This one’s on my list!” “I need to be there.” “Let’s do it!” And now, we have The List. While I’ve never been concerned over our ability to make things happen, now that our goals are in writing…

Life Trip #47: If you want it, write it. 

Bearing in mind the many places we’ve already been, we focused on Oh, The Places We’ll Go! Here’s a quick glimpse into Section 1:


North America

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Portland, OR
  • Denver, CO 
  • Austin, TX
  • Alaska
  • Maine

  • National Parks

    • Yosemite
    • Yellowstone
    • Banff


The List spans continents. Some places are repeat offenders for one or the other of us, never both. Some are landmarks. Others are entire states or countries, specifics be damned. Some are imperative. Others are eventualities. The List is ours. It’s perfect, and it will happen. We’re excited to cross one destination off at a time, while still making time to revisit oldies but goodies (like Mexico City).

It’s never to late for this… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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